Your Independent TV Streamer Guide

Roku Screensavers

These screensavers will display photos, graphics, or unique designs on your TV while your Roku is idle.

Screensaver that displays a slideshow of photos of moons and stars ($)
Screensaver features 25 scrolling dog images and current time ($)
Display photos of lighthouses while your Roku is idle ($)
Screensaver displaying quotes from Shakespeare's plays
A screensaver featuring pictures of serene mornings ($)
Short films in several categories including nature, culture, inspiration and moods
Display a slideshow of photos from U.S. National Parks while your Roku is idle ($)
Random display of scenic beauty found in nature ($)
A screensaver featuring beautiful images of nature ($)
Display webcomics, news headlines, trivia questions, lottery jackpots and more while your Roku is idle
Watch an endless CPU vs CPU game of Puck while your Roku is idle
A Roku screensaver featuring images from Nepal and Mount Everest ($)
Display images of New Years Eve celebrations while your Roku is idle ($)
Display New Years celebration-inspired images while your Roku is idle ($)
Display images related to the 2020 New Year while your Roku is idle
Display photos of New York City while your Roku is idle ($)
A screensaver that displays images of night skies ($)
Screensaver displaying exciting nightlife photos ($)
Display images of the some of the wonders in the night sky while your Roku is idle($)
Screensaver displays pictures of chill scenes for the end of a long day ($)