Your Independent TV Streamer Guide

Roku Screensavers

These screensavers will display photos, graphics, or unique designs on your TV while your Roku is idle.

A dizzying array of colors, and shapes in constant motion
A screensaver containing evolving abstract art and an on-screen clock
Screensaver displays a slideshow of kitten photos on your Roku-connected TV
A screensaver featuring images of kittens ($)
Photos of lakes during various times of the day and in assorted surroundings
Scenic landscapes from around the world
Display landscape photos while your Roku is idle ($)
A Roku screensaver featuring thousands of high quality photos including waterfalls, mountains, animals and much more ($)
A screensaver featuring 15 photographs of landscapes from around the world
15 photographs of bridges display in a screensaver slideshow ($)
A screensaver that displays 15 photos of cities ($)
A Roku saver that displays a slideshow of Fall-themed photos
A screensaver featuring lighthouses from around the globe ($)
A screensaver of 15 photographs expressing fun times and memorable moments ($)
Thousands of HD photos to enjoy as your screensaver (customize and add your own photos after an upcoming Roku firmware update)
A screensaver displaying a slideshow of 15 waterfall photos
A screensaver displaying 15 winter wonderland photographs ($)
A Roku screensaver featuring Lego figurines in a variety of scenes ($)
Ambient videos from locations around the world, including Thailand, Venice, Seattle, the Italian Alps, and Oahu
Display photos of lightning storms while your Roku is idle ($)