Your Independent TV Streamer Guide

Roku Screensavers

These screensavers will display photos, graphics, or unique designs on your TV while your Roku is idle.

Screensaver offers a slideshow of images
Transform your TV into a gorgeous display of our microscopic universe
Transform your TV into a gorgeous display of images from across our galaxy
Assorted screensavers that you can customize
This screensaver is a moving graphic artwork, designed to relax and inspire you
Screensaver featuring images of motorcycles
Roku screensaver featuring lovely birds
HD screensaver featuring 20 amazing European castles
HD screensaver featuring 18 vibrant city landscapes from around the world
HD screensaver featuring 20 beautiful and vibrant selections of colorful flowers that are periodically updated
HD screensaver featuring 20 beautiful horses in natural settings
HD screensaver featuring 20 cute and playful kittens
HD screensaver featuring the beauty of London
Roku screensaver featuring modern military scenes
Roku screensaver featuring images of models
Roku screensaver featuring beautiful and relaxing scenes from nature
Roku screensaver featuring adorable puppies in beautiful settings
Roku screensaver featuring beautiful views of the Great Barrier Reef
Choose a screensaver from an extensive library of images including Bikes, Birds, Kittens, Puppies and more
Display pictures of animals in the sea while your Roku is idle ($)