Your Independent TV Streamer Guide

Roku Science & Technology Channels

Roku science and technology channels offer the latest in tech news, scientific discoveries, gadget reviews, and instructional videos.

Tech videos covering new apps, hardware, and software
Simplifying the Internet of Things or new connected devices/systems for consumers
Product reviews and promos for a whiteboard animation service
A look at trending tech gadgets
Backyard science experiments, fun projects and more
Talk-radio style Internet programming, with podcasts on tech, wrestling, and entertainment
A weekly podcast revolving around the tech industry
Promotional videos, demos, webinars, and tutorials for Haivision video streaming services
Tutorials and technical information for HostArmor web hosting customers
Create things utilizing items you find around your house
Tales and facts about History, Geography, Science and Culture
A short promo video for the Institute of Health Sciences
Answers to questions you have always wondered about
Advice for business owners that maintain an Internet presence
Short YouTube videos about a variety of subjects (often unrelated to technology)
Educational videos to prep IT professionals for the CompTIA A+ certification exam
Learn the fundamentals of Javascript programming
Content for viewers interested in computer security and news
Live TV broadcasts from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration - watch Public Channel NTV-1 and Media Channel NTV-3
Podcasts including Linux Action Show, TechSNAP, Coder Radio, Unfilter, and Faux Show