Your Independent TV Streamer Guide

Roku Lifestyle Channels

Improve your life with these Roku channels offering tips on fashion and beauty, crafting, healthy lifestyles, home organization, and design.

Digital content from the women's lifestyle magazine that showcases the successes of exceptional women and reveals a world defined by graceful living ($)
Lifestyle content, including nutrition, health, and wellness, for anyone looking to better themselves
Get the latest scoop on all entertainment news
celebrity news and gossip from Young Hollywood, The Hollywood Reports, and other media outlets
Modern American culture, through the men, women, writers, artists, tragedies, and triumphs that have thrilled us
Spanish-language lifestyle channel covering food, health and fitness, home and decor, fashion, entertainment, and news
Humor, universo feminino, viagens, saúde e beleza variedades em geral
Original programming focused on expanding consciousness and finding deeper meaning in life
Five promotional videos and vlog posts
Ayu Brazil covers Disney and snime songs
The sound of wind and leaves
Movies, documentaries, TV series, and informational videos pertaining to paganism, witchcraft, and the supernatural
Relax with imaginative, fantasy music that will take your mind and heart soaring
Relax to the ambient sounds of the Far East
The beating heart of fashion, travel, beauty, and reality TV through true stories, spotlights on industry professionals, and original series
Catwalks, fashion TV shows, and the latest news on top designers, up-and-coming trends, and favorite brands
Empowering men to raise great kids and lead more fulfilling adult lives
Inspirational videos for self improvement
Turn your Roku connected television into a crackling fireplace or a bubbling aquarium
Watch an image of a roaring fireplace ($)