Far East Relaxation Channel

Quick Look: Far East Relaxation Channel provides several 3-hour long musical soundtracks featuring music and Asian inspired images in the following genres:

  • Far East Relaxation
  • Far East Dream
  • Far East Water
  • Far East Bamboo
  • Far East Sunrise Relaxation

You can choose any one of the listed categories by using the UP arrow on your Roku remote. Each of these genres offer a different musical soundtrack depending on your mood or motivation. The channel is ad-sponsored, which will periodically interrupt the soundtrack, and your relaxation.

-- Information is current as of June 29, 2016

Developer's Channel Description: Relax to the ambient sounds of the Far East! Relaxing, exotic melodies will fill your home with music and joy. This channel works like a screensaver, showcasing gorgeous pictures of the Far East. Turn on the channel and get away from the hectic world for while into your own personal exotic haven

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DEVELOPER: Evonne Mandella

FEES: None