Fall Leaves Relaxation Channel

Quick Look: Before you can start "relaxing" with the Fall Leaves Relaxation Channel you will need to sit through a handful of commercials. Once the channel starts you are provided with a barely audible soundtrack of what sounds like raindrops hitting pavement, accompanied by a static image that is displayed for the entire 5+ hours of sound. All four of the soundtracks are identical, the only difference is the screenshot. In addition to the poor audio the relaxing sounds are periodically interrupted by more commercials.

  • Fall Leaves in the Wind 5hrs 17 min
  • Fall Field Paradise 5hrs 17 min
  • Fall in the Park 5hrs 17 min
  • Fall at the Pond 5hrs 17 min

The channel works nothing like a screensaver (as described in the Channel Store description). The channel does not activate while your Roku is idle, and you'll see a single static photograph filling the screen throughout each five-hour track, exactly what a screensaver should NOT do.

-- Information is current as of September 21, 2016

Developer's Channel Description: It is Fall all year round at the Fall Leaves Relaxation Channel. Hear a gentle wind combined with the sounds of gentle falling leaves! This channel works like a screensaver with gorgeous photographs of the symbols of Autumn to encourage relaxation and joy! If you love Fall, you will love this!

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