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evox TelevisionQuick Look: evox Television bills itself as "an online entertainment television network and a conscious marketplace looking to celebrate the good things about you, your family, your community, and your world." Video content consists of "reality shows, dramas, documentaries, and comedies are intended to enhance the lives of mindful viewers."

The evox Roku channel offers six content categories: evoxEvolve, evoxMove, evoxLiving, evoxNourish, evoxHumor, and evoxCommunity. There are currently (April 2013) only a few videos in each category; evoxEvolve, for example, contains a single 5-minute video. Following are examples of videos available on this channel:

  • Amate Films - La Bocina - A climber plans his ascent of the cliff face of La Bocina in the El Chonta cave climbing area of Mexico (5m 33s).
  • Tamara Twist - Cruciferously Crunchy Kale - Baking kale leaves with olive oil as a healthy alternative to potato chips (2m 15s).
  • The Sustainable Host - Using the whole animal in cooking to show respect for the animal, reduce waste, and save money (23m).
  • Jess Adkins on Global Warming - Cal Tech professor discusses global warming.

-- Information is current as of April 26, 2013

Developer's Channel Description: evox is a globally conscious media network that is reaching out across social media & television to inspire positive changes in the way you live, shop, work, and play.

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