Your Independent TV Streamer Guide

Roku International Channels

Roku international channels feature news, movies, and TV broadcasts from around the world.

Live international TV and sports in 15 languages: Arabic, Brazilian, Bangla, Gujarati, Hindi, Malayalam, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Cantonese, Mandarin, Taiwanese, Filipino & Vietnamese
Malayalam television for the Roku
Coverage of cricket, football (soccer), and a dozen other international sports. Featuring One World Sports, BeIN Sports, Nautical and more.
Programming from the Dominican Republic ($)
Live stream of several Dominican TV broadcasts (Spanish)
Asian and Latin American TV shows and movies from Korea, Japan, China, Argentina, and Brazil
A single video titled "Que amor e esse?"
Contemporary Nigerian tunes in a variety of genres (channel was unable to fully load at time of review)
Live feeds from Canal 33 and Canal 21 in El Salvador (Spanish)
One short sports clip in Arabic
Live video feeds from dozens of TV networks such as ABC News, Fox News, BBC World News, MLB Network, and Stadium TV, along with several Canadian and Haitian broadcasts
Turkish TV channels live and on-demand ($)
Regional movies in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and other Indian languages, plus music videos and originals
Live Spanish television programming
Live stream Spanish-language television stations
Over 400 top-rated ethnic stations broadcasting in Europe
The latest news & lifestyle videos from Europe's leading international news channel
A wide variety of entertainment, from traditional to contemporary, for Filipinos
Channel not functioning as of November 30, 2018
Channel not functioning as of Nov 30, 2018