Roku International Channels

Roku international channels feature news, movies, and TV broadcasts from around the world.

Live television and radio channels for the Haitian community around the world ($)
A variety of stations from all corners of Haiti and abroad
Music videos from the nation of Cameroon
Latin music videos in live stream format
Italian broadcast channel serving Naples and the Campania region of Italy ($)
Italian TV station broadcasting from Canada for Italo-Canadians of all ages ($)
Spanish language television from the Dominican Republic
Links to other channels, plus four Mexican cooking videos
Enjoy the culture, the arts, and the people of the Caribbean with television channels from the Caribbean Islands, Africa, Canada, and France
Live TV, news, sports, music and entertainment from Jamaica and the Caribbean region
Shows about life and travel in the Caribbean (Spanish)
Brazilian programming in Portuguese
Live stream Spanish language channel from the Dominican Republic
The official TV Channel of the Dominican Republic ($)
Live stream Christian programming
Television programming from Chile
Live stream channels from Chile ($)
Live feeds from the CGTN and SinoVision Chinese TV networks ($)
Covering news within Canada and the Caribbean community
Programming from Columbia