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Global-TV NetworkQuick Look:The channel consists of several live-streaming channels of International content. In order to view any of the content you are required to set up and account, however when I entered the link supplied I received a warning from my browser stating that the connection was "Untrusted", so not wanting to corrupt my computer I did not pursue this any further.

The channel listings fall under several headings, the first is Paid, with channels that include Mexican Television Network-(Coming Soon), United States-(Coming Soon), De la Rosa Television-(Coming Soon), Viet Dai Ky Nguyen-(Coming Soon), Vietnam, Thailand-(Coming Soon), Korea-(Coming Soon), Seven Stars Television Network-(Coming Soon).

The Second option is Special Events, in which all content was labeled COMING SOON
The next option is Free Channels, CN Buys TV was the only one working, and it was not in English, and neither of the Radio options worked
The last option is Education, which again had no viewable content, all options were labled with COMING SOON.

(Note that this is not the Canadian GlobalTV that carries popular English-language television programming.)

-- Information is current as of October 15, 2014

Developer's Channel Description: Global-TV: News, Information, Education, Culture and Entertainment serving multilingual viewers in the ethnic communities from Mexico, Vietnam, Thailand, and Laos, as well as to the English speaking population of the world.

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DEVELOPER: Tulix Systems, Inc.

FEES: None