Your Independent TV Streamer Guide

Roku Sports Channels

You'll find every sport imaginable on these Roku channels, including professional, college, high school, and amateur team and individual sports, along with outdoor activities like fishing and hunting.

Live and on-demand soccer from Latin America ($)
Spanish-language sports-themed channel
A mix of news, analysis and special guests to help players win their fantasy leagues
Amateur hockey matches from the United States Hockey League
Action packed adrenaline-inducing medley of extreme sports
Interviews from Hall Of Fame players and coaches, softball drills, and softball product reviews
Drift and race videos from Italian drifter Federico Sceriffo
Pay TV channel completely devoted to the world of fighting sports
Iconic matches from the world of combat sports including boxing, MMA, kickboxing, and wrestling
Boxing and MMA videos and interviews with your favorite fighters
Dedicated to complete coverage of combat sports
Watch aspiring fighters give it their all to make it to the next level
Videos of Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai, Capoeira, and other fighting events
MMA fight videos
MMA and self defense tutorials with step-by-step instructions
A multitude of different fighting disciplines, MMA, Boxing, Professional Wrestling...
A father and son hunting video
Auto racing news, updates, and interviews
Fresh and saltwater fishing action
Freshwater and saltwater fishing TV shows and movies from around the world, with a mix of free and premium content