Your Independent TV Streamer Guide

Roku Sports Channels

You'll find every sport imaginable on these Roku channels, including professional, college, high school, and amateur team and individual sports, along with outdoor activities like fishing and hunting.

Six fishing videos
A mix of many different combat sports and sports entertainment programming
A family based series that follows Josh, Jessica and their family as they travel, hunt and live the outdoor life style
Travel the Florida coast with host Bruce Mohr in search of great fishing
High school, college, and professional sporting events and the inside scoop on the top athletes and teams ($)
YouTube videos of fly fishing
A channel for any avid Fantasy League player
How to successfully plant and cultivate food plots to attract various game species
Soccer updates from around the world
Access to all of the instruction training materials used by experienced football coaches
Football and sports videos from around the world
Golf course updates and golf interviews
Destination and road trip videos, product reviews, PGA Tour Champion, and commentary
Live events from Forrest City High school in Forrest City, Arizona
Stream soccer and rugby matches from the world's best leagues and cups ($)
Live broadcast of the FOX Sports, FS1, FS2, and BTN channels, along with on-demand access to past events and studio shows (pay TV subscription required)
Stream live broadcasts and watch full replays of past events from your local FOX Sports Regional Network (subscription to pay TV service required)
Fox, coyote, and bobcat hunts
MMA highlights, fight clips, full fights, interviews, and more
Parkour and free running events, Ninja Warrior, and free running gyms