Your Independent TV Streamer Guide

Roku Sports Channels

You'll find every sport imaginable on these Roku channels, including professional, college, high school, and amateur team and individual sports, along with outdoor activities like fishing and hunting.

Loud awesome cars
Warm up and cool down training videos
A video tutorial of all the basics of playing wheelchair tennis from 6-time World Champion David Hall
Video trailers from the High School Sports Network
Live and on-demand sporting events from Life University in Atlanta, Georgia
Fishing tip, tricks, and techniques from seasoned veteran fisherman Al Lindner.
Official Roku app for the Little East Conference
Weeks-old sports-related video on demand
A fishing show that merges East Coast and West Coast fishing styles
Live and on-demand broadcasts for the Lone Star Conference
Climbing videos from renowned climber Joe Kinder
Drag races, superbikes, dirt track, off road, speedboats and motocross
Weeks-old college football picks
Mad Mike drifts around insane tracks in insane rides
Off-road motor sports
Instructional videos focusing on survival skills and proper gun training from the industry's leading instructors
Live cricket action, including world class events from throughout the USA
Watch live Cubs games and connect to in-depth Cubs coverage, studio programming, original documentaries and more (subscription to participating pay TV provider required for full access)
Golf lessons from Martin Hall
Live and on-demand games from the Massachusetts State Collegiate Athletic Conference