Your Independent TV Streamer Guide

Roku Special Interest Channels

Roku's special interest channels represent a broad array of niche categories that defy classification. You'll have to try them out to know what they're about!

Video books in English from popular Indian literature
Investigative videos about unexplained phenomenons and the paranormal
Effective, easy-to-remember techniques for getting out of dangerous situations
Coverage of all aspects of the RC hobby, including planes, cars, boats, and more
Learn about essential oils and their benefits
Gardening tips for the young and old
Luxury real estate properties being brokered by Christie's International Real Estate
Video game design tactics and game play
Your one stop for automotive news and reviews from the longest running automotive show on YouTube
Cute pet videos, pet training guide, pet care tips and more
Special interest videos compiled from several other Fawesome Roku channels
Videos from other standalone Fawesome channel
Hunting, fishing and survival information, giving you the knowledge and inspiration to pursue the sports you love
Videos showing the U.S. Army in action
Vintage black and white films ($)
Forex trading, investment banking and investment products videos
Video instructions teach you how to draw
Videos featuring different type of fires
Videos on how to cut, store, and burn firewood from The Firewood Hoarder's Club
Action from around the world featuring our United States Marines