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Firewood Hoarders TV

Firewood Hoarders TVQuick Look: The Firewood Hoarder's Club is "a group of guys and gals that are passionate woodburners, pellet burners, and down to earth people who share an interest in lots of different areas... Collectively, we have a vast expanse of knowledge in all areas pertaining to firewood, such as species, seasoning times, best ways to stack and store wood, etc."1

Firewood Hoarders TV is a collection of videos from The Firewood Hoarder's Club. Topics include saws and power equipment; axes and hand tools; felling, splitting and bucking; stacking and seasoning; wood stoves and fireplaces; pellet pigs; and cooking. If you're looking for information on collecting, storing, or using firewood, this channel will give you that information.

-- Information is current as of December 28, 2013

Developer's Channel Description: Learn how burning wood can be a clean and renewable, not to mention inexpensive, way to heat your home. Also, we get to play with chainsaws. Join the conversation at

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DEVELOPER: Firewood Hoarders Club

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