Roku Music Channels

Roku's music channels feature popular streaming apps along with music videos and radio stations in every imaginable genre, including classics and today's greatest hits, from indie artists and the hottest stars.

Hip hop music videos
Stream Prime Music and Amazon Music Unlimited songs, albums, playlists, and stations on your Roku
Serene, hypnotic and emotional ambient music inspired by the dark skies and natural beauty of the Nevada desert
A wide spectrum of high quality underground dance music, showcasing old, new and breaking talent on the UK and international music scenes
Asia Music Channel streams a playlist that encompasses several popular musical genres, and unique blend of Persian, Turkey, Arabic, Uzbek, Hindi and Western
Pop, rock, country and disco from the 70s
American pop, rock, dance, and British rock from the 1980s
A live stream of music videos, concerts, mini-docs, and candid behind-the-scenes interviews from music legends and icons
Showcasing all types of country music, including unsigned artists who share airtime with established legends
Cover songs from 11-year old singer
Unlimited access to millions of songs and your entire music library, all completely ad-free ($)
Roku channel template with no content
Seven Japanese pop music streams
The Atlanta Opera's latest performances, from grand productions at the company's home theater to unique films produced by The Atlanta Opera's new film studio, Spotlight Media ($)
Your audio home for the music, news, sports, and podcasts that matter to you (formerly
Discover up and coming artists in every genre of music
Concert videos from a range of musical acts
A live stream of Christian music
Atlanta's most listened to radio station, playing hits from the 80s, 90s, and Now
Atlanta's most listened to radio station playing music from the 80s, 90s, and Now