Roku Music Channels

Roku's music channels feature popular streaming apps along with music videos and radio stations in every imaginable genre, including classics and today's greatest hits, from indie artists and the hottest stars.

Spanish-lanaguage Canadian radio station
Every song will bring back a memory of a favorite "chick flick" or television show
Chill-out music and pure sounds of nature
A wide mix of local, independent, lesser-heard, and just generally good music from a variety of genres and eras
Christian music from the 60s, 70s, and 80s, with more than 15,000 songs in the programming
A livestream of vintage Christmas music videos
New and classic Christmas songs with Christmas-inspired themes and video
Christmas themed audio including traditional carols, classic Christmas songs, novelty, comedy & adult themed holiday songs
La Radio Citoyenne de Montréal
The best music as the artist intended it to be heard - in full and uncensored
1980s music, commercials, and promos
Classic, progressive, and folk rock from 1967 through 1973
Non-stop videos of classic country music artists singing their hits
Music videos from the 70's and 80's
Famous works of art sets to music
A curated selection of programs from the largest library of full-length performing arts videos
21 videos from Club TV
The world's 1st TV channel exclusively dedicated to electronic music, DJs and club culture
California Music Channel, Country Music Channel, and Beat Lounge
All of the show archives that have been posted since 1996