Classical Harmony

Quick Look: Classical Harmony is a streaming video loop that displays famous works of art sets to music. The artist, title of the painting, and the musical accompaniment are identified. The paintings are displayed in a variety of views and different angles that focus in on the details of each piece for the duration of the song.

During our review, the channel suffered from extreme buffering issues that made the channel unwatchable for more than a few seconds at a time. After a few seconds of video, the channel returns to the "loading" screen and shows zero progress for an indefinite period of time.

-- Information is current as of September 6, 2017

Developer's Channel Description: Classical Harmony is an exclusive art channel in HD. The channel immerses you in the world of grace, sensitivity and beauty. The perfect combination of best paintings of all time and masterpieces of classical music creates an atmosphere of total relaxation that helps you manage stress and release tension

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DEVELOPER: Virgin Group Bulgaria LLC

FEES: None

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Classical Harmony on Roku
Classical Harmony on Roku
Classical Harmony on Roku
Classical Harmony on Roku