Roku Music Channels

Roku's music channels feature popular streaming apps along with music videos and radio stations in every imaginable genre, including classics and today's greatest hits, from indie artists and the hottest stars.

Non-stop Elvis music
DOA - Spanish language metal music review channel with no working videos.
Relaxing music that soothes the soul and settles the nerves
An Indianapolis Internet radio station playing a variety of music from the 1950s to today
Musical performances by American Roots artists, filmed before live audiences at the Fallout Shelter in Boston
A London-based adult-contemporary Internet radio station
Today's R&B and the best throwbacks
Multiple genres of live-steaming Latin music
Turn your Roku connected television into a roaring fireplace
Relaxing videos of marine fish, goldfish, and jellyfish accompanied by soothing sounds ($)
Contemporary, Rap, Country, and International music videos
Watch some of the biggest artists from the 1980's performing the songs that made them famous
Mainstream and independent hip hop and R&B
Live radio from Argentina, streaming hits from the 80s
Five ambient music soundtracks
Folk songs with wonderful stories inspired by the stories and history
Music videos featuring your favorite folk songs
Live stream dance, hip-hop, techno, and reggae radio stations
Showcasing Philadelphia local hip-hop talent & other hip hop talents
Classic rock tracks from Springsteen, Tom Petty, John Cougar Mellencamp, and similar artists