Quick Look: Focus is a collection of three different ambient music soundtracks, one piano music soundtrack, and one electronic music soundtrack. Each of the following unique soundtracks is roughly one hour long:

  • Mystical Rivers - Ambient music with deep synth notes perfect for studying
  • Majestic Path - Upbeat electronic and bass music perfect for studying and focus
  • Forest Caverns - Dramatic ambient music with airy chords and melodic drones
  • Blackout Waters - Relaxing piano music perfect for studying and focus
  • Impending Awakening - Relaxing ambient music combined with harps

Although these selections are all streamed as videos, the only video content is a static focusTV logo that doesn't change throughout the video.

-- Information is current as of April 26, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: Focus TV provides High-Quality Focus Music and Study Music perfect for the background during Work or Study Sessions.

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DEVELOPER: Consumer Relaxation Services

FEES: None