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Quick Look: asia DREAM radio is a collection of seven Live stream radio stations playing your favorite J-Pop music. Stations include:

  • Japan Hits - The Heart of J-Pop Hit Music
  • J-Pop Powerplay - The best Japanese boyband experience on internet radio
  • J-Pop Powerplay Kakaii - The best Kawaii J-Pop girl band music experience
  • J-Rock Powerplay - The best Japanese Rock experience on internet radio
  • J-Pop Sakura Natsukashii - Classic Japanese pop from the 60s to 00s
  • J-Club Powerplay Hip Hop - The best HipHop experience on internet radio
  • J-Pop Seasons - Springtime J-Pop songs in the spring. Summer J-Pop songs in the summer. Christmas J-Pop songs at Christmas.

-- Information is current as of March 22, 2018

Developer's Channel Description: The Heart of J-Pop Music. asia DREAM radio is a network of themed radio stations featuring the best in Japanese pop music. Stations feature J-Pop chart hits, supergroups and kawaii girlbands, classic nostalgia from the 60's - 00's, contemporary J-Rock, and modern Japanese Hip Hop.

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DEVELOPER: asia dream radio

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