Your Independent TV Streamer Guide

Roku Kids & Family Channels

Roku kids & family channels include content for the entire family, from baby nursery rhymes and children's sing-alongs, to family-friendly movies and instructional parenting videos.

Cartoons, movies, educational videos as well as games
Five animated children's series
Toy news and reviews from many manufacturers including Lego and Disney
Adventure videos, exciting challenges, music videos, rap battles, makeovers and more
A dozen animated classic nursery rhymes for kids
Toy openings and reviews
People and clowns playing with toy cars and trucks
Find review and how-to videos on popular toys and video games
Reviews of boy and girl toys for ages 4-plus
Videos of construction vehicles and other toys for kids and toddlers
100 Lego animation movie shorts from Michael Hitchcox
Toy reviews, toy unboxing, and crafting videos for kids of all ages
Toy reviews, product assemblies, and surprise toys
Toy unboxings, toy reviews, and skits
Visit the colorful world of Traintown, where each episode is a story in itself with an educational touch
Preschooler songs and rhymes about buses, cars, trains, airplanes, and boats
Spanish-language children's channel
Entertaining children's songs featuring a fun-loving bear who tell jokes, riddles and stories too
An award-winning travel documentary television series
Toy unboxings, reveals, and reviews