Roku News & Weather Channels

Roku news and weather channels bring you local newscasts as well as national and international news and around-the-clock weather reporting and forecasts.

Watch the latest breaking news stories from around the world
Narrated daily news, with a focus on D.C. politics.
Updated local news from Washington County, Maryland
News from Fayette County, Pennsylvania
Daily news and gossip from Hollywood
Videos of celebrity drama, tabloid tidbits and more to curb your cravings for juicy Hollywood gossip
News, politics, entertainment and lifestyle videos
Segments spotlight the biggest, hottest, most engaging stories HuffPost is covering at any given moment
News network from the heart of the middle east.
Week-old videos from a variety of news outlets
Investigative news reports from award-winning investigative journalists dozens of top television stations around the country
The pulse of the market as researched by top financial professionals and other market intelligence to supercharge your portfolio
Investment information based on research reports and significant news releases
Daily video news on a town-by-town basis in Stamford, Norwalk and Greenwich, Connecticut
Local news, community information, and other programming from Jackson County, Michigan, plus a live webcam of downtown Jackson
Episodes of The Joey Salads Show, a daily podcast that brings news from a conservative angle
Local news and sports from College Station, Texas
<b>Quick Look:</b> Local news, weather, and sports updates from ABC affiliate station KAKE in Wichita, Kansas
Local news, weather, sports and entertainment for Central Louisiana and Southwestern Mississippi
Breaking news, severe weather and Texas Tech sports for Lubbock and the South Plains area