Your Independent TV Streamer Guide

Roku Movies & TV Channels

Movies and TV shows in every genre await you, from silent films to current blockbusters and today's hottest series, with these Roku channels.

The first 16 episodes of the classic TV series
Episodes of the 1960s animated TV show
Old time radio shows and TV shows featuring the Lone Ranger.
A 1935 movies serial in which an evil scientist plots to take over the world from his base in Africa
Favorite episodes of The Lucy Show 1962-1968
20 episodes of the classic TV sitcom
All four seasons of the 1960s TV sitcom
Episodes of the 1954 sitcom starring Mickey Rooney
Horror and genre films from late night programming
Over 50 vintage public domain movies and series episodes
A 1935 movie serial about a rancher and oil company owner who wants to drive Indians off their reservation so that he can mine a super explosive
Movie trailers for recent movies and upcoming releases
A monthly update show about all the latest movies available on Roku channels
Movies, shorts, news, sports and more
View the latest movie trailers to see what's playing now and what's coming soon to theaters everywhere!
Seven titles from the The Mr. Wong Mysteries series of movies released in the 1930s and 40s
Both seasons of the classic TV sitcoms "The Munsters" and "The Addams Family"
1933 movie serial about an attack on a dam by a mysterious pilot, "The Black Ace," and his squadron of pilots
Vintage public domain movies
A 12 part film series about Tarzan as a cultured and well educated gentleman.