Your Independent TV Streamer Guide

Roku News & Weather Channels

Roku news and weather channels bring you local newscasts as well as national and international news and around-the-clock weather reporting and forecasts.

A unique look at trending and breaking stories through the lens of social media
Viral videos from several YouTube channels
News, weather and sports for the North Dakota Red River Valley area
A collection of local news and interest stories focusing on the Mid Coast/Central Maine area.
Local news, weather, and sports for the Tennessee Valley
Discover what’s happening around the Tennessee Valley and stay up to date on local, state and regional sporting events
Bangor, Maine, news, sports, and weather
Baton Rouge news, weather, sports, StreetBeat, community calendar, jobs, cars and more
Local news, weather, sports and special interest stories for the Huntsville, Alabama/ Tennessee Valley area
Northern Maine and Western New Brunswick's news leader
Southwest Georgia's source for live, local and late-breaking news, weather and sports
Live news and on-demand video directly from 2000+ reporters across the globe
Travel videos to scenic and popular destinations around the world
English-language news from Israel
Live feed of the cable network (subscription to participating pay TV service required)
Local news, weather, sports and special interest stories for Louisville, Kentucky, and southern Indiana
Local news, weather and sports for the Green Bay and Northeast Wisconsin area
News, weather, and sports plus several special features for the Eastern Tennessee area
On-demand news, weather and sports videos for the Bowling Green, Kentucky area
Clips, news, weather and sports updates for the Columbus, Ohio, area