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Quick Look: The Weather Network on Roku provides current weather conditions, forecasts, and maps along with a limited amount of video on demand. Gone is the 24-hour live broadcast that used to be available - The Weather Network now broadcasts only during "active weather" and we were unable to determine what qualifies as "active weather" or whether the live broadcasts are carried on Roku. What you will find are detailed current conditions (including temperature, cloud cover, visibility, wind, gusts, and humidity), sunrise and sunset times, and, of course, forecasts.

Strangely, The Weather Network on Roku doesn't launch on the Weather page. Instead, you start on the Videos page, which includes video on demand in the categories of Active Weather, Timelapse, and Animals. At the top of the screen you'll find the temperature, "feels like" temperature index, and sky cover for the location that your Roku device reports you at (most likely based on the IP address of your Internet connection). You can search for and save other locations by selecting the "+" symbol next to the city name, then switch between saved locations by selecting the city name.

For forecasts, scroll left on the home screen (or press the back button on your Roku remote) to open a sliding menu on the left side of the screen. Select "Weather" and you'll find graphical 36-hour, hourly, and 14-day forecasts, along with ski forecasts in season. For weather maps, you'll need to return to the left-side menu and select "Maps." Unfortunately, The Weather Network on Roku provides only radar and traffic maps.

Another option in The Weather Network's Roku menu is "Photos," which lets you select user-submitted photos. Select a photo and you'll get a full-screen slideshow of the photos in the category you're viewing. However, there are a limited number of photos in each category, so your slideshow won't last long, and the quality is often poor given that these are user-submitted and not professional.

For more information on Roku weather channels, please see our article "The Best Weather Channels on Roku."

-- Information is current as of June 26, 2018

Developer's Channel Description: The Weather Network, your weather when it really matters. Scroll through local forecasts to view conditions for the next 14 days. Stay informed with active weather alerts. Immerse yourself in Live TV to view your forecast or amazing video showcasing weather from around the world.

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