Roku Kids & Family Channels

Roku kids & family channels include content for the entire family, from baby nursery rhymes and children's sing-alongs, to family-friendly movies and instructional parenting videos.

Test your vocabulary and word guessing skills by arranging scrambled letters into words
Touching the various aspects of everyday life, imparting knowledge, providing entertainment and giving food for thought
Animated movies and series for children
Hundreds of fun and safe animated episodes for kids ages 3 to 8
Kids’ shows that will teach them tremendous lessons while keeping them amused
Cartoons that are both funny and educational so that kids would be taught something useful and enjoy the process at the same time
New and classic episodes of a children's animated series featuring anthropomorphic vegetables in stories conveying moral themes based on Christianity ($)
A reading of "The Strawberry Tree: A Story For Christmas" by Dr. Lawrence A. Wood
Learn about the animals through the virtual world of YooHoo & Friends and join their wild adventures
Popular kids' shows from many different YouTube creators
10 aerobic-based videos to get kids moving in front of the television
A ten part series of aerobics for kids
Original shows, local high school sports, festivals, parades and more from the Yadkin Valley region of North Carolina
Videos that will teach your toddlers how to remember their shapes, colors, numbers, and ABCs
A preschool channel featuring popular kids shows like Mister Maker, Waybuloo and Zack&Quack
Animated videos that teach children about manners, friendship and respecting others
An animated series featuring an undead who can use his own intestines as a jump rope and peel his own skin to use as a coat
Daily, weekly, monthly and annual horoscope
Family-friendly videos about different topics, igniting your kids’ inner creativity, songs, magic, adventures, playfulness and more
Join ZZ Kid and his family as they take you on their vacation adventures, enjoy holiday times together, do crazy crafts, and play different challenges