Roku Games

Roku games offer fun for the solo player and the entire family, with children's games, puzzles, arcade games, classic games, and home versions of TV game shows.

Defend your castle and conquer the evil invading horde
A recreation of the Atari arcade game, one of the most popular arcade games in 1982
Guide vibrant sea creatures, deftly dodging obstacles while collecting glittering coins/treasures and reign supreme in this thrilling aquatic pursuit
Shoot or dodge cartoon creatures that are slowly falling from the sky
Guide your feathered friend through perilous skies, skillfully maneuvering past obstacles
Single-player trivia game with eight categories of questions
Travel through history to build everything from the first cave dwelling to the Pyramids, Stonehenge and even King Arthur’s Court
Play the classic board game with another player or against the machine
Test your reflexes as you race down ancient castle walls and along sheer cliffs, collecting coins and avoiding monsters
The classic game of tic-tac-toe
Links to dozens of Roku games and gaming-related channels
A single-player version of the classic casino game
A remake of the classic Microsoft video game "Minesweeper"
Be the first player to connect four of the same-colored discs in a row, either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally
The classic Atari game from 1979
Combine letters to find as many words as you can
Collect falling fruits to gain points and to meet goals to move to the next level
Paint all the blocks as you move through the maze
The popular gameshows, adapted to play on your Roku
Jump while shooting down blocks to create gaps in a wall; touch a block, the sky or the ground and the game is over