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New Roku Channels - August 14, 2020

August 14, 2020 - 18:02 -- RokuGuide

New Roku Channels - August 14, 2020We posted 14 new Roku channel reviews this week with content in the categories of Food & Home, Games, Health & Wellness, Kids & Family, Movies & TV, Screensavers, and Travel. Click on the links below for more details on each channel, including our exclusive channel reviews.

Johnny Megatone - A retro 2-D platformer where you join Johnny Megaton as he bravely tries to thwart the plans of Mr. Z
Hearts - Play the classic card game Hearts against virtual opponents
Cheap Lazy Vegan - How to live a cheap lazy vegan lifestyle
Grindhouse Movie Channel - Grindhouse films ranging from cult classics to new fan favorites, including indie exploitation films from the 1970s to present day
Reef Diving Backgrounds - Display a slideshow of underwater images while your Roku is idle
Show Me TV - Full-length movies, original series, animated specials, and cooking tutorials
Watch Free TV Plus Channel - Internet streams from several publishers that include People TV, Bloomberg, Saveur, and more
Bodyweight Warrior - Body weight strength and mobility exercises
Hiroyuki Terada - Sushi instruction from master sushi chef Hiroyuki Terada
Surfing Adventures HD - Display a slideshow of surfing photos while your Roku is idle
Together Is One TV - BLM films, programs, and more
Space, Aliens, & UFOs - Sci-Fi movies from the last 4 decades
Alex TubeFun - Entertaining and educational videos, challenges, toys and more
Rome Travel by - Plan a hassle free trip to popular locations in Rome