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Surfing Adventures HD

Quick Look: Surfing Adventures HD makes a great summer background for your television. This free screensaver displays many different surfing related images while your Roku is idle, ranging from surfers deep in a barrel or performing aerials off the lip of the wave to more subtle images of sunsets over the ocean and surfers walking to their favorite break. Each image lasts for approximately 7-8 seconds before changing to the next one.

This screensaver will show up in your channel list and can be launched as a regular channel. To set it as your screensaver, from your Roku's home screen go to Settings >> Theme >> Screensaver, highlight Surfing Adventures HD in the list of screensavers and press OK on your remote, then select Set as Screensaver.

-- Information is current as of August 14, 2020

Roku Channel Store Description: Adventuresome soul? Let the breathtaking breaking of the wave accompany you wherever you are. The Surfing Adventures HD gathered astonishing surfing screensavers for your enjoyment!

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DEVELOPER: VlogBox, Inc.

FEES: None