Your Independent TV Streamer Guide

Roku Special Interest Channels

Roku's special interest channels represent a broad array of niche categories that defy classification. You'll have to try them out to know what they're about!

Videos of falling dominoes and other interesting subjects
Season 8 of "The Ghost Finders"
A streaming network for premium content from and about the live-theater world ($)
Video clips featuring the evolution of the train and some of the most scenic train routes in the world
The latest trucks, the trucking life, truck crashes and other footage
Clickbait channel - there are no movie trailers to be found here
UK tourist attractions, culture, and hotel recommendations
Rental listings for Charlotte, North Carolina
Public domain movies with facts about the movie and inserting original comedy sketches that are for the whole family
Different varieties of wine, wineries and interesting facts about red and white wine
On-demand yachting-related videos featuring user-generated content
Complete & comprehensive automotive news, reviews, and emerging technologies in auto manufacturing
Ghosts, zombies, comedy, a little bit of randomness and tons of Sunshine
Exploring topics in a way that is fresh, informed and entertaining
Talk radio on the subject of conspiracy theories
The darker side of the paranormal, stories of ghosts, myths, haunted explorations and urban legends
Video game reviews and helpful hints
Retro straight- to-video horror films
Car and motorcycle reviews, test rides, and builds
Thunderstorm videos from YouTube