Roku Movies & TV Channels

Movies and TV shows in every genre await you, from silent films to current blockbusters and today's hottest series, with these Roku channels.

Vintage public domain movies
Independent movies, short films, and writers' stories
No content is currently available
A free entertainment and lifestyle destination for women featuring inspiring lifestyle content, blockbuster movies, and series
More than 50 live Chilean TV channels
Vintage public domain horror films
Over three dozen horror films from the 1930s through the 60s
Content from Zhejiang TV, a Chinese TV channel broadcasting in Mandarin
Several documentary TV series about Chinese history and modern culture
Popular Chinese programming
Late-night hosted horror shows
Live stream of The Incredible Hulk episodes starring Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno
Family-friendly Christian entertainment that changes lives, inspires hearts, and lifts the spirits of viewers ($)
Christian themed movies and animated shorts
Public domain movies, cartoons and television programming
Vintage movies and TV shows, with modern faith-based titles "coming soon"
Over 8 hours of horror & drive-in holiday material ($)
An eclectic mix of vintage films, "B" movies, TV episodes, animations, and a mini-series on the life of Jesus Christ
Holiday films, videos, and television specials, along with Christmas Desserts, Festive Christmas DIYs, and Just for Laughs web videos
Watch timeless tales of romance and romantic yule logs