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Chop Block TV

Quick Look: Chop Block TV is a collection of late night "Horror Host" television shows featuring vintage and cult classic movies. Some of the shows already have a standalone Roku channel, including Survival Zombie Films ,which hosts Partially Devoured Movies, and Creature Features SF. Other content include the following titles:

  • The Dead Vault Horror Show
  • Partially Devoured Movies
  • The Creepshow
  • My Three Demons
  • Dr. Ghoul Show
  • Steve the Vampire
  • Sleazy Pictures after Dark
  • The Decayed World of Phallus
  • Epic Horror battles
  • Creature Features
  • Dr. Dread Reviews
  • Chop Block TV Music
  • Jack Helliquinn
  • Serial Killer Files
  • Kill Count
  • Tyranny TV

-- Information is current as of January 24, 2020

Roku Channel Store Description: Chop Block TV is a TV channel on Amazon Fire TV and ROKU. we bring you the best in entertainment from around the world. Checkout CBTV on Facebook.

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DEVELOPER: Butcher Media

FEES: None