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Christmas Network

Quick Look: Christmas Network features a wide range of Christmas-themed content, which comes from around the world and includes local parades, celebrations, tree lighting ceremonies and acts of Christmas kindness. There are hundreds of videos available containing a mix of home videos, YouTube vlogs, and professionally-produced content which can be found in categories that include the following:

  • Christmas
  • Christmas at the Airport
  • Christmas around the World (Asia, Canada, Europe, South America, USA, Ireland, Lapland)
  • Christmas Concerts
  • Christmas Cooking
  • Christmas Flash Mob
  • Christmas Homecomings
  • Christmas Inspiration
  • Christmas Movies
  • Christmas Music
  • Christmas Parades
  • Christmas Premium
  • Christmas Revolution
  • Christmas Songs
  • Christmas Stories
  • Christmas Shows
  • Christmas Tree Lightings
  • Santa Claus
  • Hanukkah

If you enjoy the content on this channel but hate watching as many as three ads before each video (the ads can last longer than the video that follows them), Christmas Club TV has the same content with no ads for $0.99 per year after a 3-day free trial.

-- Information is current as of November 21, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: The Christmas Network is the premiere on-demand service for Christmas content 24/7, 365 days with new content premiering throughout each holiday season. Christmas music, concerts, films, cartoons, inspirational programming and much much more.

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