Roku Christmas Channels

Christmas Roku ChannelsIf you're looking for some holiday spirit, Roku has just the channel for you. In the list below you will find Christmas-themed movies, holiday music, themed episodes of classic TV shows, and festive screensavers.

Christmas Movies by Fawesome - Holiday films, videos, and television specials, along with Christmas Desserts, Festive Christmas DIYs, and Just for Laughs web videos
Christmas Time - Christmas movies and TV specials, including popular titles such as Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, A Charlie Brown Christmas, and A Christmas Story ($ for premium content)
Happy Holidays by - News, crafts, apps, games, fitness, decorating, fashion, and style videos for the current holiday season
Toontime Christmas - Vintage animated Christmas specials, movies and TV series
Christmas Kids - Free Movies! - Kid-loved and parent-approved heartwarming movies, animated specials, and family-friendly shows
Doodle Jump Christmas - Jump your Santa to higher and higher ledges while hitting springs and rockets, but avoid the monsters and gaps between ledges
Retro Christmas Kids Albums - Rare and out-of-print retro Christmas children's albums ($)
Christmas Music Channel - Hours of Christmas music videos in many genres
Christmas Radio - Christmas themed audio including traditional carols, classic Christmas songs, novelty, comedy & adult themed holiday songs
Classic Christmas TV - Ten Christmas-themed episodes from classic TV series ($)
Family Christmas Cinema - Nine vintage Christmas-themed movies, TV epsides and animated specials - plus a Bloom County Christmas special ($)
Retro Family Christmas Theater - Ten vintage holiday movies & TV shows ($)
Classic Christmas TV Volume 2 - Over 10 hours of classic Christmas TV shows and specials ($)
Christmas At The Drive-In - Over 8 hours of horror & drive-in holiday material ($)
Christmas Classics - An eclectic mix of vintage films, "B" movies, TV episodes, animations, and a mini-series on the life of Jesus Christ
Retro Christmas TV Specials V2 - Ten Christmas TV variety specials from the 1960s, 70s, and 80s ($)
Christmas Around The World - Discover how Christmas is celebrated in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and diverse American locations
Christmas Home Movies & Parades - Over three hours of vintage 8 mm home Christmas movies plus 8 Christmas parades ($)
Christmas Music Plus - New and classic Christmas songs with Christmas-inspired themes and video
Christmas Romance & Love - Watch timeless tales of romance and romantic yule logs