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Roku Christmas Channels

Christmas Roku ChannelsIf you're looking for some holiday spirit, Roku has just the channel for you. In the list below you will find Christmas-themed movies, holiday music, themed episodes of classic TV shows, and festive screensavers.

Happy Holidays by - News, crafts, apps, games, fitness, decorating, fashion, and style videos for the current holiday season
Toontime Christmas - Vintage animated Christmas specials, movies and TV series
Toontime Christmas - Ad Free - Vintage animated Christmas specials, movies and TV series ($)
Christmas Zone Holiday Movies - Christmas movies and cartoons, including 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' and 'Frosty the Snowman'
ChristmasFlix - Original Christmas-themed shows and classic movies, TV shows, and specials
Retro Christmas Kids Albums - Rare and out-of-print retro Christmas children's albums ($)
Christmas Music Channel - Hours of Christmas music videos in many genres
Classic Christmas TV - Ten Christmas-themed episodes from classic TV series ($)
Family Christmas Cinema - Nine vintage Christmas-themed movies, TV epsides and animated specials - plus a Bloom County Christmas special ($)
Retro Family Christmas Theater - Ten vintage holiday movies & TV shows ($)
Classic Christmas TV Volume 2 - Over 10 hours of classic Christmas TV shows and specials ($)
Christmas At The Drive-In - Over 8 hours of horror & drive-in holiday material ($)
Christmas Classics - Vintage animated Christmas specials and movies
Retro Christmas TV Specials V2 - Ten Christmas TV variety specials from the 1960s, 70s, and 80s ($)
The Christmas Channel TV - All things Christmas including parades, tree lighting's and Santa sightings
Best Christmas Channel Ever 3 - Christmas Films and TV specials from yesterday and today
Christmas Around The World - Discover how Christmas is celebrated in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and diverse American locations
Christmas Time - Christmas classics for the family, including current network TV favorites Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and A Charlie Brown Christmas ($ for premium content)
Christmas Winter - Slideshow of Christmas and Winter photos accompanied by Christmas carols ($)
Christmastime - Select a video of a fireplace, Christmas tree, or a Merry Christmas greeting, each with options for music and/or other sounds
Holiday Lounge - Christmas and holiday themed videos
Merry Christmas Screensaver - A screensaver to bring the beauty of Christmas to your home ($)
North Pole Network - Videos from Santa's home turf
Holiday Lounge TV - Christmas-themed videos and soundtracks to play in the background during holiday get-togethers ($)
CAROL-OKE! - Sing along with nearly two dozen Christmas carols
Christmas HD - A screensaver featuring Christmas images ($)
Santa Reads Christmas - A reading by of the story 'The Night Before Christmas,' a 1933 animation, and a 1955 Christmas Eve episode of 'The Hit Parade'
Christmas Tree Screensaver - Display images of Christmas trees while your Roku is idle ($)
Retro Christmas Toy Commercial - Classic 1950s & 60s toy commercials
Christmas Masterpieces - Vintage public domain Christmas movies and cartoons
Christmas Screensaver - Display a slideshow of holiday imagery while your Roku is idle ($)
Christmas Stories - Readings of classic Christmas stories ($)
Magical Christmas Concerts - Six videos of Christmas music performances
Memory Match Free Christmas - Christmas-themed version of Memory Match Free
Merry Christmas - "Merry Christmas Atmosphere" and virtual fireplace videos
The Christmas Room & Fireplace - A crackling Christmas fireplace set between windows with a changing outdoor scene
UChristmas - Display Christmas photos and the time on your TV while your Roku is idle ($)
Winter Wonderful - Holiday videos covering a variety of topics
Christmas Kittens - Display cute kittens in Christmas attire while your Roku is idle ($)
Christmas Lights - Display photos of Christmas lights while your Roku is idle ($)
Religious Christmas Screensave - Displaying images that celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ while your Roku is idle ($)
Christmas Joy - Displaying Christmas images while your Roku is idle ($)
Christmas Tree Decorations - Display photos of Christmas tree decorations while your Roku is idle ($)
Christmas Radio - Christmas themed audio including traditional carols, classic Christmas songs, novelty, comedy & adult themed holiday songs
Christmas Screens - Screensaver showing Christmas-themed pictures while your Roku is idle ($)
Christmas Screensaver - Screensaver with a slideshow of Christmas greetings ($)
Holy Christmas Screensaver - Six religious-themed Christmas images are displayed while your Roku is idle ($)
Best Christmas Channel Ever 2 - Ring in the holidays with all of your favorite Christmas films and TV specials
Classic Christmas Channel - Vintage public domain Christmas movies, animations, and shorts
Noel - Ambiance app featuring holiday music and a screen filled with falling snowflakes
The Christmas Room with Music - A clone of the The Christmas Room & Fireplace (this one has no music, either)