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Christmas Classics

Quick Look: Christmas Classics includes a dozen Christmas movies and TV specials under the Home for the Holidays category, with titles that include Santa and the Three Bears, a 1970 animated featurette that aired on television regularly during the holiday season; The Snow Queen, a 1957 Soviet animated film based on the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale; the 1919 silent film version of 'A Christmas Carol'; and a 1957 Christmas episode of the Date with the Angels, a sitcom starring Betty White.

Additional content can be found under the Faith, Hope & Love category, including the 1960 film 'Joseph and His Brethren' and the 1960 movie 'David and Goliath'. The Christmas Classics channel also includes the 12-part drama television series 'The Living Christ', a 1951 mini-series about the life of Christ.

For more Christmas content, visit our Roku Christmas Channels page.

-- Information is current as of December 3, 2019

Developer's Channel Description: Favorite Christmas classic movies enjoyed by our parents, grand-parents. Yes, we love them today even more than the first time we saw them years ago. Christmas Classics channel is always free for everyone to enjoy thanks to our advertising sponsors.

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