Christmas Classics

Christmas Classics is an eclectic mix of just over a dozenvintage films, "B" movies, TV programming, and animations. Titles include:

  • Santa Clause versus The Devil (1959) - A Mexican fantasy film in which Merlin the magician helps Santa save children who are tempted by the devil to be naughty.
  • Scrooge (1935) - A British film about Ebenezer Scrooge, the miser who hates Christmas. This is reportedly the first sound version of the Charles Dickens classic A Christmas Carol, not counting a 1928 short subject that now appears to be lost[1].
  • A Christmas Carol (1910) - An American silent film that is said to be the second oldest surviving screen adaptation of the Dickens classic, the first being the 1901 British release Scrooge, aka, Marley's Ghost[2].
  • The Beverly Hillbillies, "Home For Christmas" (1962) - In Season 1, Episode 13, of this classic TV sitcom, the Clampett family is hoping to make a surprise return trip to their Ozark home for Christmas and embark upon their first airplane ride. While on their "fancy train" ride, Cousin Pearl decides to visit them in California.
  • Jack Frost (1934) - In this animated short, Jack Frost warns the forest animals to prepare for the winter, but a young grizzly bear decides that he wants to see what the world looks like when everyone else is hibernating and then needs Jack Frost's help in getting back home to his warm bed.
  • The Liberace Show - 1954 Christmas episode - In this half-hour episode, Liberace plays the piano and sings Christmas classics, followed by his introducing family members and having a sing-along in at the piano.

There are also several chapters from The Living Christ Series, the first made-for-TV mini-series. The 12-part series aired on NBC in 1951 and documents Christ's story from his birth to the resurrection.

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-- Information is current as of November 20, 2022

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