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Candy Bear 2 Free

Quick Look: Candy Bear is an old-timer in the realm of Roku games, having been originally released in November 2011 and receiving a number of updates since then. The previous Candy Bear and Candy Bear Free games are still available, but now we have Candy Bear 2 Free, which offers a whole new set of more than 100 levels and the addition of grass, mines, spikes, portals, gates, springs, and other features and hazards.

Candy Bear 2 Free is an arcade-style game in which your avatar (a bear, of course) collects candy while dodging evil bunnies. Collect all the candy without running into a bunny or other hazard and you can exit the door to the next level. Watch out though - there are four types of bunnies, including ones that will chase you. The game is easy enough in the beginning, but as you move on to higher levels the dangers increase, as do the number of bunnies. You may have to traverse moving platforms, climb ladders, and dig holes to make it through each level, and you have a limited time in which to do so. Before starting, you may want to check the tutorial, which provides a very nice walk-through of the games main features.

The game keeps track of high scores, and you can transfer level progress from one device to another. If someone runs you out of the living room mid-game, go to Settings >> Transfer and follow the instructions so that you can pick up where you left off from another Roku. The game also lets you set up two different players, and tracks scores and progress independently.

As the name implies, Candy Bear 2 Free is free but ad-supported. You'll be treated to a video ad between every few levels. The ad-free Candy Bear 2 game is available for $4.99 for the ad-averse players. More information can be found on the developer's Candy Bear 2 web page.

-- Information is current as of December 20, 2019

Developer's Channel Description: After 8 long years, the bear is back, and better than ever. He's still dodging green bunnies and collecting candy. But in addition to bricks, ladders, bars, moving platforms and crates, there's grass, mines, spikes, portals, gates, springs, and more. Includes 130+ fun and challenging levels.

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Candy Bear 2 on Roku
Candy Bear 2 on Roku
Candy Bear 2 on Roku
Candy Bear 2 on Roku