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Candy Bear Free

Quick Look: Candy Bear is an old-timer in the realm of Roku games, having been originally released in November 2011 and receiving a number of updates since then. Now we have Candy Bear Free, which - as the name implies - is free but ad-supported. You'll be treated to a video ad between every few levels. The ad-free Candy Bear game is still available for $2.99 for the ad-averse players.

Candy Bear Free is an arcade-style game in which you (the bear) collect candy while dodging bunnies. Collect all the candy without running into a bunny and you can exit the door to the next level. Watch out though - there are three types of bunnies, including ones that will chase you. The game is easy enough in the beginning, but as you move on to higher levels the dangers increase, as do the number of bunnies. You may have to traverse moving platforms, climb ladders, and melt holes to make it through each level.

The game keeps track of high scores from other players giving you an idea of how your game play compares. Points are awarded and bonuses are given by completing the level. The quicker you complete the level the more points awarded. Additional help and instructions are available from the game's home screen.

A short demonstration of Candy Bear Free can be viewed below.

-- Information is current as of September 8, 2016

Developer's Channel Description: You are a bear dodging green bunnies and collecting delicious candy. You're running over bricks, climbing up ladders, traversing bars, floating on moving platforms, and pushing crates. This free ad-supported version lets you play the game at no cost.

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