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Candy Bear

Candy BearQuick Look: Candy bear was originally released in Nov. of 2011; since then, several modifications have been made, with additional levels being added, including 20 bonus levels.

The premise of the game is still the same: Dodge the bunnies, collect the candy, find the door and move on to the next level. Sounds easy enough, but as you move on to higher levels the dangers increase, as do the numberof bunnies. You may have to traverse moving platforms, climb ladders, and melt holes to make it through the level.

The game keeps track of high scores from other players giving you an idea of how your game play compares. Points are awarded and bonuses are given by completing the level. The quicker you complete the level the more points awarded. The Bear is controlled with the Roku remote using the following keys:

  • Left arrow-left
  • Right arrow-right
  • Up arrow-move up
  • Down arrow-move down
  • FFW button-melts a hole to the right
  • REW button-melts a hole to the left
  • Back button-brings up game menu

-- Information is current as of October 2, 2014

Developer's Channel Description: You are a bear, a bear dodging green bunnies and collecting delicious candy. You're running over bricks, climbing up ladders, traversing bars, floating on moving platforms, and pushing crates to reach that elusive next level. You are a Candy Bear, doing your thing on 80+ tasty levels.

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FEES: One time purchase of $2.99