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New Roku Channels - September 7, 2018

September 7, 2018 - 18:13 -- RokuGuide

New Roku Channels - September 7, 2018We reviewed 35 new Roku channels this week, with content in the categories of Fitness, Food, Kids & Family, Lifestyle, Movies & TV, News & Weather, Religious, Sci & Tech, Screensavers, Special Interest, Sports, and Travel. Click on the links below for more details on each channel, including our exclusive channel reviews.

Life Noggin - An animated web show designed to teach you all about your awesome life and the brain that makes you able to live it
Extra Bases - MLB news, updates, and interviews from Fox Sports
Flight Tracker - Track flights in real time by airline and flight number, or find flights by origin and destination
Huey's Fabulous Food For One - Fast, simple recipes using freely available ingredients
Jerry Springer by Nosey - Ancient episodes from Season 1 of The Jerry Springer Show, The Trisha Goddard Show, Sally Jessy Raphael, and other defunct talk shows
The Stage Network - A streaming network for premium content from and about the live-theater world ($)
Featured Horror Sci-Fi - A mix of ho-hum vintage films and unexpected and off-beat modern-era shorts, films, and series
FORE - Golf course updates and golf interviews
Minerals for Health - YouTube videos about minerals in your diet
Addiction and Rehabilitation - Five YouTube videos on cocaine and other drug addictions
Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - Seven vintage movies and five episodes of the 1954 TV series
Celebrity Gossip - Celebrity news and gossip videos from Bang Showbiz and other sources
Comic Animations - Five YouTube videos featuring animated dinosaurs
Cord Cutting - YouTube videos about Roku devices and Roku, Inc. stock performance
foodlavie - A French-language culinary platform from Quebec with a vast community of experts
Fresh To Frozen and Back - Two episodes of a cooking show of the same name
Happy Dogs - Display photos of different breeds of dogs while your Roku is idle
Happy Halloween - Displays Halloween images while your Roku is idle
Health Is Wealth Network - A collection of YouTube videos thrown into random categories
Hollywood Classic Cartoons - Vintage cartoons
MiniFlyx TV - Film shorts in multiple genres
Real Estate Experts - Real Estate investment and sales tips
FidelityTV - A streaming TV service from Fidelity Communications, a cable TV provider covering parts of Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, and Louisiana
Futbol - Spanish language sports videos with an emphasis on Soccer
Las Ultimas Noticias - Spanish-language pop culture news
Small Game Hunting - YouTube videos about hunting birds and other small game
Hollywood and More - A hot mess of 499 random videos with no organization (but lots of commercials)
Sail Power Sports - Random sailing related videos
Shattered Paradise - End of Times videos
ITECHOM - Short YouTube videos about a variety of subjects (often unrelated to technology)
JS Sports Gallery - Outdated sports stories and interviews from a variety of online sources
Live Sports Center - Weeks-old sports-related video on demand
Market Trend Today - Weeks-old stock market videos from CNBC
Stock Tips And Tricks - Segments from weeks-old CNBC broadcasts
Winning On Wall Street - Outdated videos from CNBC broadcasts