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Celebrity Gossip

Quick Look: Celebrity Gossip on Roku offers nearly 100 videos from a just over two dozen videos harvested from sources that include Bang Showbiz. The videos captions, however, can be nearly indecipherable with titles like "UK-32-beyonce jay france" and "UK-34-Lucy hale tips." The descriptions, unfortunately, match the titles. The gossip is outdated anyway - a video similar to the one about Justin Timberlake backing England in the World Cup was posted online two months before our review, and a video in which Lucy Hale gives video tips was posted on MSN News almost that long ago.

-- Information is current as of September 6, 2018

Developer's Channel Description: Celebrity Gossip channel having the videos which give info to their viewer's gossips of celebrity. Viewers can view their favorite celebrity gossip. (This Channel does not support SD Mode.)

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DEVELOPER: Jitendra Kumar

FEES: None