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Flight Tracker

Quick Look: Flight Tracker on Roku provides an interesting display of what a Roku can do other than stream video and music. Let me start by saying that in the time it takes the app to load you can already have your flight results from a Google search. You have to sit through a splash screen, then a screen that says to wait for the ad to load, and then a video ad. After all that, you'll find a screen that lets you enter the flight number or origin and destination. Entering the requested information takes time because you have to enter the airline or origin, press "submit," enter the flight number of destination, press "submit," then press "search."

If you do decide to use this app, you'll become very frustrated if you don't know that you have to use ICAO city and airline codes instead of the IATA codes that are used when you schedule your commercial flight. If you want to track a Delta flight, you'll need to enter DAL, instead of the more commonly used DL. Likewise, American Airlines requires the use of AAL instead of AA. As for airports, the three-letter codes you're used to using will confuse this app - it will sit there with a "thinking" spinner going indefinitely. Instead, you'll need the four-letter ICAO code. For the contiguous US, this is usually the better-known three digit code with a K on front (for Atlanta, use KATL, not ATL; for St. Louis, use KSTL instead of STL, etc.), but this is not universal and other regions have other prefixes.

If you do have the ICAO codes and want to try this app, the flight search will give you departure and arrival times and airport terminals, along with a live flight map (see screenshots below). Searching on departure and arrival cities will provide a table of flights with the airline, flight number, type of aircraft, states and departure and arrival times. You can filter this list by status (scheduled, en route, arrived) and departure date (tomorrow, today, yesterday) by pressing the * key on your remote.

-- Information is current as of September 7, 2018

Developer's Channel Description: With Flight Tracker you're able to search flights worldwide and view Airline Identity, Aircraft, Status and Departure and Arrival times. You can also look up specific flights to track them via a live map.

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Flight Tracker on Roku
Flight Tracker on Roku
Flight Tracker on Roku
Flight Tracker on Roku