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New Roku Channels - September 20, 2019

September 20, 2019 - 16:39 -- RokuGuide

New Roku Channels - September 20, 2019We reviewed 21 new Roku channels this week, with content in the categories of Educational, Fitness, Food, Kids & Family, Lifestyle, Movies & TV, News & Weather, Personal Media, Special Interest, and Sports. Click on the links below for more details on each channel, including our exclusive channel reviews.

Criminally Listed - True crime stories and unsolved mysteries
Full Court Press with Greta - Political interviews showing how Washington policy decisions are directly impacting cities and towns across America.
Mr. Beat - Making history and geography more engaging through entertaining and easy to understand videos
Serge Ramelli Photography - Create better photos to increase your chances of success as a photographer
SimulTV - Over 30 linear video streams featuring a wide variety of content
Adventure Sports TV - Independent documentary-style films featuring extreme and endurance sports and activities ($)
Chai Chai - A funny cartoon series for children
Classic TV Series - Episodes of vintage TV shows
Free Sci-Fi and Horror Channel - Classic sci-fi and horror movies
James Strange - Demonstrations of easy cooking techniques and delicious recipes from around the world
Smokin' and Grillin' With AB - Southern cooking videos
Horror - What The - Hosted late night horror films
Kids Learning Videos TV - Fun and educational videos for children and toddlers
Joan Crawford Feature Films - 15 films from the 1930s, 40s and 50s starring this legend of classic Hollywood cinema
Brooke and Azlynn Show - Toy reviews, challenges, vlogs, and anything family-related
Halloween Vault - Horror movies, radio shows, original horror films
Ava Gardner Feature Films - 11 vintage films from the 1940s, 50s and 60s starring the Academy Award nominee
Best Fitness TV - A high intensity cardio workout
The Jurgys - Chronicling the lives of the Jurgy family
Klaire de Lys - Makeup tutorials and DIY videos
YOCALM - Yoga and meditation instruction