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Quick Look: SimulTV is a collection of live stream video channels in many different genres. There are currently over 30 streams to choose from, including the following:

  • My Jam Music Network- Music videos in multiple genres
  • The Syndicate- Crime dramas
  • Guiding Star TV- Vintage movies and television series
  • Lifestyle- Lifestyle shows and movies
  • Primetime Drama- Award winning and vintage movies
  • My Viva TV- music, sports, entertainment
  • Dimensions- Sci-Fi programming
  • My Holyfield TV- Urban programming including music videos and more
  • High Performance- mostly automotive related content
  • C3- New Orleans based content
  • Kartoon Circus- Animated series
  • American Music Channel- Independent country artists, music videos
  • Switch- Vintage programming including movies and television
  • Really-TV- Reality programming in many different genres
  • Youth Success network- "Empowering entertainment for teens"
  • Slap Tech- Tech reviews, product testing, slapstick and classic comedy
  • Mythos- Adventure/Fantasy programming
  • Battery Pop- Educational programming for kids 6-11
  • Men & Motors- Cars, games, dating, gadgetry, boats, planes
  • Kid Central- Animated programming

Unfortunately, unlike other Roku channels with multiple linear streams (such as Pluto TV), SimulTV does not have a program guide or any other information to indicate what you are currently watching on any given stream. However, if you don't want to wade through large volumes of VOD and would rather pick a subject and sit back to watch whatever is on, this channel may be for you.

-- Information is current as of September 16, 2019

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