The Best Games on Roku

January 2, 2015 - 19:36 -- RokuGuide

Best Games on RokuWhile it can't match the Xbox One or PS4, Roku does offer a fair amount of entertainment in the Games category. Whether you're looking for arcade games, brain-twisting games, or games of strategy, you can probably find something to your liking on Roku. Here's a look at the most popular and the highest-rated games on Roku.

Top Roku Games from Roku Recommends

A video currently playing on the Roku Recommends channel offers up the following three "Top Roku Games", although no explanation is offered for how these were determined to be the "top" choices.

Wheel of Fortune Wheel of Fortune
Play America's number 1 game show on your own, with one to three players, or against electronic opponents. ($4.99 one-time purchase)
You Don't Know Jack You Don't Know Jack
"The trivia game mom warned you about" lets you show off your knowledge, or lack of it, on a range of topics. ($4.99 one-time purchase or free for You Don't Know Jack Lite)
Swag Runner Swag Runner
Run and jump your avatar over obstacles as a police siren blasts in the background. The only requirement for this game is to be able to press the OK button on your remote until your batteries die. ($0.99 one-time purchase)

Highest Rated Roku Games

The following are currently listed as the Top 5 highest-rated games in the Roku Channel Store:

HangMan HangMan
The classic word game played with pencil and paper, now available on the Roku. Pick from 10 word categories and also select a skill level from Novice (10 body parts) to Hard (4 body parts). ($0.99 one-time purchase)
Mah Jongg Mah Jongg
The classic solitaire tile matching game with five layouts and 5,000 games. ($1.99 one-time purchase)
The classic 1980s arcade game where you try to eliminate the invading horde of insects as they dive-bomb your ship trying to take you out by any means possible. ($4.99 one-time purchase)
Muffin Knight Muffin Knight
An action game that tells the story of a little boy who battles evil creatures while trying to retrieve a fairy's magic muffins. ($1.99 one-time purchase)
Birdie Birdie
Fly a bird through pipes in this stupidly hard game of skill. ($0.99 one-time purchase)

Most Popular Roku Games

The following are currently listed as the Top 5 most-poular games in the Roku Channel Store:

Tetris Tetris
The classic puzzle game that has been around for 30 years, but with some twists, including three playing options. (Free for basic game, $4.99 one-time purchase to upgrade to all 3 game versions)
Mazes Mazes
Test your problem-solving ability with a never-ending arrangement of mazes. (Free)
Video Poker Video Poker
Like having your own video poker machine at home, with five different games. (Free)
You Don't Know Jack Lite You Don't Know Jack Lite
Preview of the full game, but with a surprising amount of play time covering two episodes and multiple levels. (Free)
5000 5000
Dice game for 2 to 4 players; be the first player to reach 5000 points. (Free)

Those are just a few of the games available on Roku. A full listing is available here. Note that some games are not available on all Roku devices, and many require a Roku gaming remote to play.