Swag Runner

Swag Runner Quick Look: Swag Runner is a very straightforward game: You run and jump over obstacles as a police siren blasts in the background. The game play takes place on the rooftops of a city and you need to jump from building to building, over crates and other rooftop appurtenances.

There is no way to control the direction - you can only run forward - and your character runs at a constant speed with no slowing down or stopping. Jumping is done by pressing the OK button on your remote, which requires very quick reflexes as some of the rooftop terrain is difficult to navigate. Your score is determined by the distance you travel, and your high score is kept. I don't think there is ever a completion to the game as the developers describe it as "a classic endless runner" game.

-- Information is current as of November 11, 2014

Developer's Channel Description: You have just completed the biggest robbery of your life, now you must escape! Run and jump across the busy city rooftops and avoid all the obstacles in your way. This classic endless runner will keep all the family running and jumping to see who can escape as one wrong move and you'll be caught!

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DEVELOPER: Cobra Mobile Limited

FEES: One Time Purchase $0.99