GALAGAQuick Look: Galaga is one of the most iconic video games ever developed. It was created in the early 1980's and is still considered one of the more popular retro games. The game is "shooter" game where you try to eliminate the invading horde of insects as they dive-bomb your ship trying to take you out by any means possible. There are a few "MotherShips" that have a tractor beam that will capture your ship, I know this sounds bad, but with a little skill you can shoot down the Mothership while it is dive-bombing and capture your ship back giving you twice the firepower. Be careful not to hit your fighter or it will be lost.

In addition to the over 250 levels there are various "challenge" stages where you can gain points without the threat of being killed. If you clear the entire invasion force you are awarded 10,000 additional points, if you don't you are awarded 100 points for each alien destroyed. The speed of the game increases as you gain more levels making it more difficult to shoot down the aliens. if you would like to play for free, click on the Galaga Link provided.

-- Information is current as of October 14, 2014

Developer's Channel Description: One of the longest running hits in arcade history, Galaga by Namco is back! Board your Fighter; defend against alien fire and escape their collision-course formation attacks. Retrieve captured fighters from the boss alien's tractor-beam to become a Dual Fighter with double the fire power.

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DEVELOPER: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc.

FEES: One time Purchase of $4.99