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Roku Private Channels

Private Channels, also called Hidden Channels or Non-Certified Channels, are not displayed in the Roku channel store and must be added manually. You can do so by clicking on the Add Channel button on the private channel pages linked below. Read this article for more information on private channels.

Looking for adult-only videos? Visit - the web's best directory of adult Roku channels.

RokuGuide lists only those private hidden channels that have been reviewed, are working, and are judged to have content of a unique or interesting nature, or of widespread interest. You may find larger lists of private Roku channels, but you'll waste a lot of time trying out dead channels.

To recommend a private hidden channel for inclusion here, submit it from the Contact page for consideration.

24/7 B-grade Horror, Sci-fi, Martial arts and more
Vintage home movies originally captured on 16mm, 8mm, and Super 8 film; a new home movie featured every week
Silent movies from the early 20th century
Top 40/Pop music radio station
Up and coming artists and video producers
A social commentary podcast
Military training videos
Free music written, produced, and performed by Jonathan Coulton
Acoustical liberation of books in the public domain
A hard rock/metal and sometimes comedy station
U.K. radio station playing a mix of Top 40/Pop, Reggae, and Country
Salsa music videos, 1970s television, and current and classic movie trailers and mashups
Sex, gore, nudity, violence and other shocking themes
Insider tips for upcoming NFL games
Live feeds of English-language Korean programming on Arirang TV and Arirang Radio
Nine classic movies from the 1930s through the 1960s
A podcast that centers around guns, public education and gun safety, general discussions, and governmental legislation
Homemade Horror that's "Awesome and Stupid"
Play Bingo for fun
Video demonstrating channel navigation options built using the Instant TV Channel Roku channel development app