Your Independent TV Streamer Guide

Roku Private Channels

Private Channels, also called Hidden Channels or Non-Certified Channels, are not displayed in the Roku channel store and must be added manually. You can do so by clicking on the Add Channel button on the private channel pages linked below. Read this article for more information on private channels.

Looking for adult-only videos? Visit - the web's best directory of adult Roku channels.

RokuGuide lists only those private hidden channels that have been reviewed, are working, and are judged to have content of a unique or interesting nature, or of widespread interest. You may find larger lists of private Roku channels, but you'll waste a lot of time trying out dead channels.

To recommend a private hidden channel for inclusion here, submit it from the Contact page for consideration.

Skip or mute things you don't want to see or hear in movies and TV shows, including your Netflix and Amazon Prime Video accounts ($)
Arrange your Roku channels into custom groups
Local radar and satellite loops, plus tropical cyclone and disturbance maps
Live broadcast from a central Minnesota TV station with classic TV shows, vintage movies, local news and weather, and local programming
Fan channel for WGN shows Creature Features, Family Classics, and Bozo's Circus
Conspiracy-related talks shows, movies, video series, and live streams
Podcasts and webshows from a variety of sources including CNET, NASA, TWiT, and TED
Live TV streams from France, Netherlands, Cyprus, Haiti, Lëtzebuerg, and Berlin
Global TV shows, movies, entertainment news and more, translated into more than 160 languages by a community of avid fans
A different classic, cult, or independent film every week, with a new title each Wednesday
An underground channel featuring the heavy metal rock band Gwar
Hours of on-demand classic hip hop music videos
Premium subscribers get full access to the daily No Spin News podcast; free show excerpts available without a subscription
Pop radio station streaming from New York City
Redbox On Demand beta
150+ Spanish channels from Latin America ($)
Gameplay videos for several games in the Metroid series
Video game playthroughs
Hit songs from the 1950s, 60s, and 70s
A Chrome extension that will allow you to cast HTML5 content from your browser to a Roku device on the same home network with no companion Roku channel required